Written & Directed by Leo Astudillo
Cinematography by Matt Atherton
The more you hide it, the worse it gets.
Nina and Jessie are on their way to a dinner date to save their relationship when they are interrupted by Nina’s father, whose mental health is at risk. Nina feels guilty and decides to stop by her father’s home to check on him. On arrival, her father seems to be doing worse than anticipated, as he believes there is something in the house trying to hurt him. Nina is unable to make a responsible decision regarding her father’s issues and avoids facing her struggling relationship with Jessie. No longer able to accept this behaviour, Jessie breaks up with Nina. After the confrontation, Nina is left to explore her father’s home to realise that her father’s fears seem to be more real than she believed.
Written & Directed by Leo Astudillo
Produced by Jess Mone
Director of Photography Matthew Atherton
Assistant Director Christopher Deakin
Edited by Tatiana Kilpatrick
Color by Will Coldwell
Sound by Callum Kilgarriff
Gaffer & AC Angus Graham
Cefalú Film Festival 2018
Los Angeles CineFest 2018
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